skegs the slacker part I

yea i know its been a while, so heres part I of possibly 3 or more parts. new camera means larger files, means more time and work to make a post. and we all know what that means... me being too impatient and not wanting to do it!

here's some flicks from the & art show at division east from a couple weeks ago:

me & justin white(top), me & mike valentine

justin white & george skoufas (left), mike valentine & gypsy john (right)

justins characters came to life

brett land

mike valentine & gypsy john

justin white & george skoufas

jesse & polo! (you'll meet him soon)

alex duke & adam abbada

jersey couple!

thanks to everyone for coming out, is was an epic time. the following photos are from FDR where as you may know, is where davy acquired another notch on his belt in terms of broken arms. im warning you, if you have a weak stomache this might not be for you.

you know, just havin fun, ollieing some boards

we dont have another board to stack, lets put the helmet on top to make it higher!

bad idea.

ambulance ride was bumpy and uncomfortable. davy was all smiles.

dude was psyched.

waiting for drugs.

you can see his already existing plates and screws in there already.

hurts a whole lot.

the drugs kicked in!

whelp, see ya later davy!

go skateboarding day happened:
me, falla, darren and dan v decided to skip the whole thing and walk over the bridge to kcdc for free food before everyone else got there.

listen to the bridge.

official border.

kooks showing off.

haha, yea.
gary is back!

by the time we got on the block everyone started skating by us. i guess we were really that slow? product toss madness.

fourth of july came bright and early. lucky for us the parade passes right in front of the house. the parade started at 10 am, but we got to cure our hangovers and watch the parade all in the comfort of our own stoop.

stupid mascots were all the rage.

not sure if this dude was even in the parade or not but he scares the shit out of me.


pad and d!

the dogz played.

this little guy had a tripod thing going on.

corzine was there but he didnt want to drink with us. im sure he probably had a good reason.

dave came by to chill before opening the shop.

and falla watched from his window. he was way psyched for the inca cola girls.

not too sure what the fuck these things were.

tombo had no idea either.

lady liberty? pretty sure lady liberty is supposed to be a lady, not a dude.

part II comin soon. (i know you'll probably laugh at that statement because i know did)

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