we don't care about the young folks

house shredding, sen.

this photo was taken 2 weeks ago. it still looks like this.

went to philly to visit my boys mike and ryan who i havent seen in months and months.

split second before joes hand got sandwiched between mikes fist and a rusty gate.

rufio was there too.

and then we caught mice.

mike shot one in the head with his air soft gun.

shredded the next day and it was gorgeous out.

bird seed, coming right up.

shark shark's tatoo is pretty sweet.

that night we went to one of dudek's friends houses for an art show.

this illustration was pretty dope.

dudek's photos. hurts for the crappy quality of my camera.

they had a dj there which turned it into a dance party.

me and dudek.

stripe flannel flannel flannel.

joe scoping out the scene. good vibes so far.


drunk face.

dudek and john.

trying to fit in with the dancing folk.

shark shark and mike.

joe breakin it down.

yea dudek!

and then this happened:

we got kicked out of the show for god knows what. i tried reasoning with one of the dudes trying to kick us out and got punched in the face for no reason ( i guess thats what you get for trying to talk to people). mike got the worst end of it as he got bumrushed and got a black eye, and a bottle broken over his head. yes, a bottle. who breaks a bottle over someones head at an art show? use your fist, if anything, next time you fucking coward.

marshall asked me to help him show the element team around the other day. darrell shredding our quarterpipe. "you got that lettuce? I wanna make a souflay later."

bill being filmed by lee dog.

this was what it looked like when people realized mike v was there.

"i punched a cat in the face one time and knocked it out." -Mike V
Yes he was talking about a real cat.

for some people, it's all you need in life.

you can see more flicks on element's site here: http://www.elementskateboards.com/tour/

and then we drank whisky and ate wingshtas. although they look like a deformed turkey when frozen, they're very tasty.

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