long gone lonesome blues

left nj drinking and cold behind to take a trip out west

goodbye for a week moses!


hello anthony and galloop!

this is anthony working at his skateshop

he can play every instrument, very well.
yes, even the sitar

andy came from south carolina and met me at the mansion on the hill


andy and i left anthony behind for a day, went to indiana to see hutch, and skateboard at some skateboardparks.

kokomo, indiana.

this park was so gnarly, there wasn't a hewitt legend.
apparently, he was hurt when he went.

hello eagle! back to tennessee!

goodbye anthony! thank you!

off to raleigh, nc to say hi to brett and scotty!

great smoky mountains, tennessee

andy and i skated an indoor park,

and went street skating.

we pretty much drove to raleigh to watch dan murphy try this switch heelflip and make jokes. but, so worth it. we gave this a two.

green sweatshirts get thrown up on, but red sweatshirts do not.

left raleigh at 6am. andy bought and ate trailmix while still half asleep and drunk. thank you brett and scotty!

got home in time for baker and stephen's birthdays!!
happy birthday! bye!

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Anonymous said...

fuck yeeessss biiiiillllllll you are welcom in tennessee anytime ...... like right now