for some reason we've been way into shotgunning beers.
this night me and spice were supposed to see st.vincent and midlake.

fun times so far.

after pad pissed in the car, we went inside. 10 minutes later we got kicked out. this is now my second time getting kicked out of bowery.

fast foward to free wine the next week.

free wine is this chinese food place uptown, where when you buy a meal, they keep giving you free pitchers of white wine. this place is a jackpot as you can see the chinese man holding a big wad of cash.

the catch: in order to keep getting free wine you have to keep eating. this is when the tactic of pushing around your food to pretend your eating comes in handy.

the place was seriously packed to the brim.

bottums up, spirits down
the rule is (our rule anyway) you cant leave any wine on the table when you leave.
which then turns into erik's face turning red. always a good sign of when things are going good.

sloppy night.

i love awkward couch photos.

went shredding with scott a bunch this week. this is scott's face when there's 20 lurkers at a spot.

butters. maybe ill post some skating flicks later this week for once. maybe.

shot photos of GDP for his album cover the other day.

we had to make his room look like shit. the album sounds sick as fuck though. look for it this spring. get psyched sen!

he also just got a snake. his name is zipper. he only responds to GDP's music.

and i leave you with this:

rizzo plunging our bathroom.

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