don't fucks wit dis.

alright, i guess it's a little late, but better late than never right. here's the photos from our new years party and then some. enjoy.

german dressed up and went over to our neighbors house. note that our neighbors are in their 30's and unlike us, actually have fulltime jobs and a family.

after 12 was a blur.

"there's rat's and mice everywhere." miller predicting the future.

haha. if you know, you know.

me and sean switched hats.

the following photos happened on a really random night. one of mark's friends house sits for her grandma, and apparently she hasn't been home in like 5 years or something. so she had the idea to go party at her grandmas house. it was basically like drinking at midland but in the most obscure environment.

me and pad took a tour of the house.

mad chotchkees and nicknacks everywhere.

bathroom status.

grandma herself.

floating money.

mark with a pocket bible.

we went into a closet and found a plethora of hats and a crown.

we got home and i still had this hat on.

fast foward a couple weeks.

jackie and willy switched pants.

we had a lot of mice for a while. maybe miller was right?

mosey booyyeee!

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