update shmupdate

the following photos are probably out of order because the past 2 weeks have been a blur. my life is also a warzone, as jersey dave would put it.

last night in 205. had to make it a good one.

guess what steve is saying:

a)could... but couldn't
b)i almost wouldn't though
c)what a nice piece of ayess
d)haggard ass...

back in the room getting gnar...

and housing beers to...

jessie's girl!

an all too familiar situation that marshall usually finds himself in. drunk on the floor of course

some pong. baker basically housed the whole time. never playing again unless im on his team.

fred was at school the whole weekend housing with us. tryin to get rid of some hiccups here. probably not workin though.

these videos were found in the room we were playin beer pong in. hulk hogan and lawrence taylor vhs tapes. epic.

of course it would be near the toilet.


didnt take many flicks after this point. but its understandable from the looks of it. i also hit my head inconceivably hard after this. of course i wouldn't feel it until the next morning.

train ride the next morning. of course there wouldnt be nay seats left, so i have to stand in between cars.

this night was probably the longest night ever. started the night with a toga party in brooklyn. gary with a fellow toga face.

flat bar sesh in the hallway.

later that night in montclair for cinco de mayo status. daves face explains the night. keep in mind that its probably almost 5 a.m at this point. had to get up at 10 the next day. hurts.

went to wills last weekend for some brews, bbq and some whiffle ball

jersey couple!

dave and scott were in full effect

been spending my time at home with my boys shredding

and being stupid of course.

so the year is finally over. if it werent for all my sick jerks i probably wouldn't have made it through the year. plenty more good times to come my friends. no school, toga parties, beer pong, bbq going to bed at 6 a.m, pbr, skateboarding, whiffle ball, sweating, more pbr...yep it's summertime.



Dinosaur Sr. said...

I love you. You are my favorite photographer. I have been studying your work for years now. Can we meet up at a Starbucks or something?

Anonymous said...

"i almost wouldn't though.." made me laugh pretty hard.

spig said...

skegs your updates are rare but so fucking epic. love you man eventhough you didnt come to think about life <3

spig said...

i miss pbr. south jersey dosent have any

spig said...
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spig said...

first things first, we burst.
pretty girls make graves is from a destroyer song.

yourboyspig said...

found the song im skating to skegs