Miasma Gardens

this is going to be a massive update since i haven't done one in a good while.

went to dennis's school for a night in cobleskill. he has a house cup.

schools over. it was fun.

went back up to Justin's a few days later for a while. tried to help him make art for pretty much ok wowza.

chilled at the shop with d-bask during the day.

skated the fairfield bump one night with tombo, darren, and joe took. love those dudes.

back at the shop at 1am this time for a depression session and some budweiser with dave dowd and justin white.

since summer started, baker and i have been doing awesome jobs like pulling up bushes.

at the shop again to teach dolomite how to climb a latter at the price of dave dowds sweatshirt. sorry dave, it was justins fault.

back home for a bottle of jager for two...

...and some sand squatting.

tried to scope out this spot in seaside to build a ramp, only to be shut down 3 seconds after we left due to the massive amounts of ticks on everyone.

skittles just chillin with his gnar goggles on.

tonight i saw sunset rubdown and frog eyes. so epic. i love when singers of bands do not look like the voice they produce comes from their throat.


skegs said...

i love/hate you for seing sunset rubdown.

spencer krug looks like a substitute teacher.

spig said...

yes he does