Hey pals, we're playing a show tonight at trash bar in Brooklyn. $6 admission, OPEN BAR from 8-9, we go on at 10pm. Its in Williamsburg and is off the first stop of the L train in Brooklyn. Its at a bar so you youngins probably wont be able to get in. not sure if theyre id-ing at the door but theres a chance they will. Unlike last time we played, which included being absolutely shit faced, not being able to hear, and broken strings and a floor tom in the first song, this show should be at least 37% better than last time. That being said, hope to see y'all there. Heres da link: http://www.thetrashbar.com/html/modules.php?name=GCalendar&file=viewday&y=2009&m=5&d=26&e=648

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