sometimes im still drunk the next morning and have funny conversations with my friends while im sitting at my computer hating my life.

mskatev (10:17:09 AM): sup honkey
fotogny (10:17:15 AM): sup bretheren
mskatev (10:17:44 AM): nothin just spent 7 bucks on a coffee and scone
mskatev (10:17:49 AM): im bitter
fotogny (10:17:51 AM): oh good deal
fotogny (10:17:55 AM): haha
mskatev (10:18:15 AM): i didnt ask how much the goddamn scone was
mskatev (10:18:38 AM): its actually really good, takes like im eating a fucking pancake
mskatev (10:18:53 AM): i hate scone
fotogny (10:19:15 AM): hahahha
fotogny (10:27:12 AM): fucking hungoveruh
mskatev (10:27:36 AM): u hungover?
fotogny (10:28:07 AM): yea its dumb
fotogny (10:28:27 AM): slept in montclair last night and had to drive into the city this morning
fotogny (10:28:39 AM): no parking spots and had to put it in a garage
fotogny (10:28:50 AM): then i got an iced coffee but its pretty good
fotogny (10:29:19 AM): then i took the elevator and made small talk with a co worker, she got off on the 9th floor
fotogny (10:29:38 AM): then i farted in the elevator, ive had to shit since i started driving this morning
fotogny (10:30:01 AM): then i turned on my computer and went to go shit while it was turning on
fotogny (10:30:16 AM): nothing happened so now im drinking iced coffee which wil make me shit even more
mskatev (10:31:10 AM): hahahhahahaa

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