if you were bought and sold, youd be fools gold

quick reminder and then i'll stop.

This Saturday I'll be showing photos at the seasick mama group show, as well as playing a set with my band, Beer Girls. The Beer Girls "flyer" aka duct tape on my wall, says 9pm, the seasick mama flyer says 7pm, and now I'm going to tell you to come at 8pm. I think we're going on at 9 but just make things easier on yourself and come the earlier the better. If you get bored at the show you can go to the bar next door and pay for drinks, but why would you wanna do that when there's free beer at the gallery? So please come out and support, drink, and watch, because I haven't seen many of yous in a bit and would love for you to pull me out from underneath the rear bumper of a car if I decide to pass out there. I will be wasted.

Links you will need to survive:
Not so shitty quality songs are now up. Listen: Beer Girls
And don't get lost: 303Grand Directions
And don't eat too much either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC1CUl4XcZc

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feels good, man said...

sorry you dudes didn't get to play the other night. beergonauts will rise again