shameless self plugs ahead

hey pals, just wanted to let you guys know about a few things going on. march 5-8 will be the grand opening of 303grand gallery in williamsburg, and seasick mama is putting on a weekend-long event that should be pretty rad. each artist will have their own t-shirt. i'll be showing my photos on friday night, and saturday night beer girls will be playing (i think/hope). so come out, buy a shirt, and drink some free beer. should be a great time.

I've got a photo posted up at King Shit from my trip to greece. Peep dat here: http://kingshit.org/article.php?entry_id=181 There's a bunch of other good stuff up there too. If you were a fan of Big Brother magazine when it was out, then you'll appreciate some of the content from Nieratko and Dave Carnie that goes up from time to time. Good stuff.

hmm what else. oh yah, my solo show at Division East is going to be on April 4th so mark your calendars. I'll be showing a bunch of unseen photos form my days at midland, and we'll also be releasing two t-shirts. You won't be disappointed in them.

see ya friends

let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel