weekending with crew (aka i dont know why the fuck this blog wont cooperate with me)

just some photos from the weekend but in reverse.
met up with crew and shredded all weekend and "polished off" bottles of robotussin at night....nah nah, neva that. i need to be in jersey more often.

two sequences you probably wont be able to see because blogger sucks:
j cruz not landing his trick because hes thinking about pizza

bill spice and rozbo sick jerks exclusive collabro sequence:

friday night we went to the johnson apt's and kevin haydens mini. photos stolen from kevin hayden. thanks bruh:

me and spice look like a kmart catalog




i should have photos from san diego up soon as well as some other random shit.

oh and in case you were wondering about what kind of racist fuck jobs are actually voting for mccain/palin. this guy sums it up:

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