I've been slacking hard on updating the jerk; thank goodness for Ceglia. Anyway, here are some flicks from the past couple of months.
We stayed at Zack Baker's apartment; he is the man.

I was reminded of the Muska when I saw his sweet ghetto blaster in the kitchen.
Our skateboarding was cut short due to a 5 minute storm that flooded the streets.

Horror enthusiasts bask in the glory of a car labeled CHUD.
Saw a bunch of crazy plates on the way into Philadelphia one afternoon.
At Midland we take pride in what crawls on our floors.

Pirate ship sighting on the Hudson.

We decided throwing knives was a good idea one night.
I came up victorious after this one.
Finally, I'd like to introduce my new roommate Janz. I've known him since I was a youngin', and I'll be the first to tell you he kills it. If you haven't met him yet, you will.

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janzkills said...

I wanna meet that guy he looks like a gnarly muther fucker!! haha