love you larry

These glorious photos are limited edition vinyl releases of ghost stories and a guided tour of chicago by The Lawrence Arms. These are limited to 500 each and are hand printed and numbered, marble and orange vinyl. We missed the presale, and it is now sold out.

i unfortunately quote:

"i was looking forard to pre ordering that shit, now i just feel like going to sleep"

"that cover is fucking awesome. If i tried could probably make myself cry right now"

I orignally posted this to bitch about it, but now it's more of a larry arms appreciaton. If you don't know, theyre a punk rock band from Chicago who are plain and simple, the shit. I included a few songs from the albums I mentioned before in the player as well as a song from The Broadways, a more political band who gave birth to the Lawrence Arms (as well as alkaline trio, who used to be awesome) after they broke up and were also the shit. Anyway, you probably won't like it or think it's emo, but it's not, trust me. With lyrics like "6 more drinks before I drown, bottoms up and spirits down" how can you not like them.

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