well i'll be

working fulltime sucks. that's all i really have to say. i dont see anyone ever and i sit down for 9 hours a day.
anyhow, these have been sitting on my comp since my birthday so why not eh?

now to recent times, marsh got a cut in the bathroom

and then boogie boarding on broken glass in the kitchen

went out to brooklyn with a few good pals.

justin has been killin' it with the thirsty thursday clips. go to popills now.

out with the riot dudes. killing it.
the twist?

working on a little something with sassa. took too many trips to long island but it was worth it.

i made him push up and down this dock when it was 20 degrees out.

it was windy too. thank god that weather is over.

show status has been major.
magnetic fields

125th st drumming.

deer tick with the dodos last weekend. go to electric roses for a better review of the show. im lazy.

some deer tick vids. they're pretty dark but the sound is good.

art isn't real (city of sin):

diamond rings:

dirty dishes:

they put on a good show.

sandwich and street booze break.

the dodos.

they were really sick. peep the vid:

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