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If you know me, you know I don't normally like sharing the music that I listen to. Mainly because once a band gets popular, people who didn’t listen in the first place hate on it without even listening to it. i.e. wolf parade, interpol, band of horses, etc. So then people like me, who've listened for a while, look like a jerk off for liking something new and hip. I don't mean to sound like a prick or selfish, I just really like music.

But, im willing to share this band because they're really fucking good. The Dodos are a duo from SF and they make really good music. Just a really good guitarist (listen to trades and tarrifs) and an awesome drummer who doesn't use a bass drum and has a tambourine taped to his foot. I'm not going to compare it to anything because they don't sound like anyone else and that's rare to find. If I were some asshole from Pitchfork I would call them indiebluesfolkrock, but I hate genres. So just listen for yourself. 3 songs in the player AND a youtube video.

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