too little, too late

now that we're moving out at the end of the month, i guess it's too late to pass this article out to our neighbors:

9 smart tips on how to handle nasty neighbors.

i think it's safe to say we can fit under the following categories:

the racket maker: screaming moms, fighting spouses, horn honking and tire squealing drivers, loud music fanatics and late-night partiers

the slob: like one who lets the grass grow, puts trash out days in advance, and leaves garbage cans unlocked

the careless pet owner

the extreme weirdo: drunks, drug dealers, and the neighbor that never says anything

definitely a good read because its all too true.


Anonymous said...

extreme weirdos mad me laugh a lot

stef said...

"Look for basketball hoops, skateboard ramps, and trampolines, all tell-tale signs of the racket-maker."

guess you guys are gonna have to get a trampoline.

stackolee said...

why come you all aint got no more nudes? sod the neighbors