"get out of me"

dan v bday!

this girl started crying cuz she got hit in the face with something

went to brooklyn for kevin haydens bday party

for some reason we decided to see who could pretend to sit up against the wall the longest

it came down to me and davy

their apartment had a serious case of BBS (brooklyn bike syndrome)

since graduating ive been working a bunch. this is my cube.
went to see Thee More Shallows in Hoboken.
for some reason a bunch of pop punk bands opened for them. we werent psyched.

they did play awesome though

fuck new york gas prices

new roomies. jesse and andy live in tents in the former living room.
heres the layout of the house:
its broken down to my room, the rap room, 5boro room, and tent city
we know english good.

me and emily went to see architecture in helsinki last friday. we stopped to get a bite to eat first.
this ones for you marshall.

this kid passed out before the show even started.

went to bk again on saturday.
nobody likes christian paine there.
moses got drunk too fast and passed out early

john lodge made an appearance

graham being a bull.

and then he found a life vest on the way home. just in case.

we seriously walked so far to get home. everyone was stumbling and falling all over the place. it was great.

Last night was tatoo night.

gabes first ax tatoo
shape touched his up

after taking these photos im considering making a tatoo book. well see.
pretty obvious why andy got this one.

as im making this post there is a cleaning service cleaning our floor. theyve been cleaning the kitchen for 3 hours and still going. i doubt people will ever get to see how clean it is though because it will be dirty by tommorow morning.

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Steve said...

get out of me...beautiful
i miss midland, love you guys.
jpfeldyandsteve.blogspot.com theres another blog for ya