gettin twisted, mindin my business, doin kickflips

sup hens? i know you're probably sick of looking at both mine and steve's ridiculous faces from steve's last post, cuz i look slightly homosexual, and steve either looks like he got punched in the stomache or is taking a shit. so here's some flicks from Shapes record release party, and some randoms.

round of porkhides please.

tasha declining steve's offer

after porkhides we went to shape's record release party over on park street.

foley and davy in the house.

you know it's a good place when they have pbr cans strung accross like christmas lights. apparently they actually worked, but we couldnt figure out how to turn them on.

GDP had a sweet denim jacket on.

pet microphone in the pocket.

GDP killin it.

shape on the mic. he didnt go on til 2:30, so everyone was good and wasted by then.

rockin it with a big bottle o whiskey.

after the big bottle o' whiskey.

both GDP and Shape had sick performances and everyone drank a lot. what more could you ask for? ill post up some vids from that night when i get around to it, aka 3 months from now.

house update: we still eat like crap.

and our sink is still dirty. pretty much because everyone has this mentality:

oh, and moses got a new ax throwers t-shirt, and has taken up the hobby of bottle chewing.

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