some photos from the past month or two...or three. You can expect some updates of what happened last week, 3 weeks from now. We're on a different time schedule over here.

scott friend with a new friend.

ed templeton photo show.

marino and jeremy.

photog friends: zach malfa, myself, allen and alec.

yes, this is cat giving antwuan dixon a shottie.

mmm dinner. we eat so well at m-block.

went to philly for the few and far between premiere. great video.

darren wound up losing his pants somehow.

andrew seeing sparks. good ol' bedroom eyes is at it again.

5boro japan was in town. dave had a good time.

this lady makes me want to stay in bed for days. yes to sleep, you sickos.

jackie almost made out with dan v one night.

must've been his sweet dance moves.

dave dowd had a good time.

had family beer pong night. team sabrini.

vs. team spice

New Visivo Projects show is coming up in January in Philly. I'll let you know the details as soon as things are finalized.

Stay warm.

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