the good times are killing me

Life at midland is amazing to say the least. Booze and procrastinating are the norm for the house. Especially on nights like this.

Graham came back for the weekend from GA.

Andrew with some arm candy.

Dan V has the best dance moves.

chillin with dirty mike.
pbr pirate bill pierce.

been skating with scott friend shootin some flicks and eating wings with dolomite.

came accross this random metal band while walking to some art show rajni was DJing at with free wine and egg rolls. scott was feelin it. they were definitely no older than 13.

dj rajni.


spice with a pony tail. mad 90's grunge bassist.

that is all for now. its late and i have two anatomy tests this week. oh, and i havent bought the book yet.

see you.

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