blog smog

so im back from my euro excursion, and i know we've been slackin on the posts, so here it goes.

been shreddin with my boys

not sure what joes doing here

summer time sesh: major

was a paparazzi photographer for a night and got to shoot photos of paris hilton at her record release party. yes, i know. random.

and the answer is: yes, she was hot. not gorgeous, but hot. and yes, i would do her. if you say you wouldn't you're a liar.

scott claims im revolutionizing paparazzi photography and that im going to make millions cuz everyones gonna bite my style. pioneer status: major.

been spending time with this little lady. if you don't know her, her name is emily and she's wonderful.

she's also pretty silly.

according to myspace were "in a relationship". i guess it must be true if it's on myspace.

always nice to see a jersey jerkface at drop in.

this little kid marvin was giving everyone the finger.

on to the Division East mixtape release party. Shit got crazy and the mixtape sounds sick.

g. wallace rockin it.

haha. yea.

german and g. wallace

everyone pretty much got shitfaced that night.

shape on the mic

andy's gear was pretty tight

tame-one and dave dowd. tame is definitely asking who the fuck i am.

some random night with a keg of heineken. word.

foamy one.

i think quick check should give us free shit with all the sandwiches that are housed during the week.

movin to the DE house this weekend with spice, marshall and steve. couldnt be more psyched. i should have videos up from the record release party and some skating ones pretty soon.

see you.

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quick check sandwhich status: major