weekend upskate

started the weekend early on thursday by shredding the city and then hitting up the etnies 20th anniversary party downtown.

we seriously almost got hit by a car accident. 10 feet away.

the scene inside the etnies show room. thats dustin charleton getting down with some chick.

there was a mini on the roof that we got to session earlier in the day. pretty epic. kids were climbing up the fire escape to get into the party.

this guy was killing the mini with steezed out ollies like this one. with the cig in his mouth.

dave dowd and jersey dave in the house.

the next day had sushi with a bunch of friends. "sushi with steve? never again." steve opted for the finger food way of eating and using the chopsticks as drum sticks. feel sorry for everyone around us, but it was great for a laugh.

followed by some pbr with bill and steve.

hit up dave dowds house the next evening to watch the boxing match. didnt watch much boxing. was more occupied with beer and talking to jimmy about bukkake. not sure whats going on in this pic but gabe seems really high.

jimmy talking to daves girlfirend about bukkake.

half-cab city.

scott and dolomite being scott and dolomite. darrens feeling the effects of some secret ingedient in the brownies.

not normal seeing this one. d.fine filming?

d.fine, jersey dave, will nagle, jp, foley, mike stim., dan v., justin and others. pretty sweet sesh. darren and dave dowd bounced early so i hear. got a bunch of photos today that i should post up soon on that up-ledge.

see you,


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