and i quote

"what the hell happened to the drunk tank? looks more like faggot tank now"

new apt status:
granite counter tops sen

kiss bruce on the way out and were ready to go

the key table is the best thing we got goin right now

everything open bar volcom party. marino as usual.

apparently thats my pre ralph face. we made it home by 12 and couldn't move. wednesdays are cool.

tom and ryan performing emergency unicorn procedures.

oh yes.

tom nolan is the best player in the nhl of course.

celebration shotgun residue on the ceiling. don't ask about what happened to our new season, its a sensitive subject.

tried to shoo a photo with jon, too bad the impound was the only spot we went to.

marshall about to explode

"if this isnt bloggable i dont know what is"

happy 21st vogo!

dan with his best david hasslehoff face

and the jans got punched in the face

andrew taking it to the limit...one more time.

eagles night was in full effect. not the football team, but don henley.

best buds now

i could look at this picture every day and it wont ever get old. cus rage face is pirceless

do you guys have to be so cute all the time? geez

butt strikes again